Working Out while Pregnant

Why you should be working out while pregnant

Too many women believe that it is not OK to exercise during pregnancy. Whether you were an active person before pregnancy, or totally out of shape, the facts are that working out while pregnant is OK, even recommended!

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Note: If you are planning working out while pregnant, consult your physician first. Your physician will be able to give further advice on what to do and what not to do. This applies to all women, even if you consider yourself a healthy women.

Physical changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, physical changes will occur to your body, some obvious, other less visible, but all important for the baby’s arrival.

1) Your will go through hormonal changes : increase in the levels of the hormones (relaxin, elastin, estrogen and progesterone)that will help soften the connective tissue surrounding the joints, a necessary step for child birth. However, other weight-bearing joints can also affected, such as the knees, ankles and hips can also be affected.
2) Throughout your pregnancy, the blood volume increases as well, by almost 50% in some cases, hence elevating by as much as 15 beats per minute the pulse at rest.
3) Increase in size of your uterus will result in a saddle back posture (lordotis).
4) Increase in the size and weight of breasts will pull your shoulders forward.
5) Weakening of the core muscles to allow the skin to relax and stretch.

Working out while pregnant for a healthier pregnancy

Although you should consult with your family doctor first, most physicians and obstetricians will encourage their patients to exercise on a regular basis throughout their pregnancy. Unlike your may believe, exercising is not harmful to the baby and will have a positive effect on the soon-mom-to-be.

As a matter of fact, working out will give you more energy. When exercising, the body stimulates the flow of adrenaline which provides in return more energy. Changes in hormones can lead to emotional changes, and exercising will also help boost the self-esteem as well as the mood of the pregnant women. But more importantly, working out while pregnant can reduce some of the discomforts of pregnancy and strengthening of your core muscles will allow to have a better posture. Moreover, some studies have shown that exercising will help you recover to a pre-pregnant state faster.

Because of hormonal changes and because lots of nutrients and energy is used for development of the baby, pregnant women can be subject to food cravings, leading to fat weight gain unrelated to the development of the baby. If this is your case, this extra and unnecessary weight gain can be controlled through exercising and following a healthy food plan.

Again, we stress that before starting an exercise plan and working out while pregnant, it is important to consult your physician to know if there are any exercise limitations due to your overall health, age or any other physical conditions.

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