What Is A Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor?

A stress-reliever called Baby Heartbeat Monitor

If you are pregnant, or are planning on becoming pregnant, you may have heard about baby heartbeat monitors also known as fetal dopplers. If like many soon-to-be parents you believe that these devices are only used at the doctors office, you will be happy to learn that you could own your very own baby heartbeat monitor.

Facts about your baby heartbeat monitor

  • A fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor is a device that is used to listen to the heartbeat of a baby during pregnancy.
  • A fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor provides a non-invasive way to detect and measure a baby heart rates during pregnancy.
  • The way a baby fetal doppler works is based on the “doppler effect”, that refers to the variation of the sound pitch as the source moves toward or away from the listener. A good example would be the sound of a car or a train driving by.
  • The “baby heartbeat” heard throught the fetal doppler monitor is not the actual sound of the baby heart, but a representation of the fetal heart. This is done through the probe that record a series of short sound pulses and convert them into an audible sound to the human ear.

Where can you buy a baby heartbeat monitor?

At the store, online or simply here. Indeed, we have a vast selection of the best baby heartbeat monitors, for all budgets. To learn more about them and for all the latest news about pregnancy, simply bookmark and visit our website often!

baby heartbeat monitor echography-by-jessicafm

photo by jessicafm

baby heartbeat monitor

Date: Monday, 10. May 2010 1:01
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