How to Use a Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Using a baby heartbeat monitor at home

You can now listen to the heartbeat anytime. As a matter of fact, you can use a baby heartbeat monitor from the comfort of your own house. In between doctors appointments can feel like forever, so why not do it at home? Like thousands of other parents, you can enjoy listening to the heartbeat of your little one anytime you want.

Fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor made easy

The advanced technology for fetal dopplers has made using one at home very easy. Read below to find more a quick intro on how to use a fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor.

Using a baby heartbeat monitor in 7 steps

1. Start by pulling up your shirt or the clothing you have, so you can access your belly.

2. Take your ultrasound gel, and apply a small amount at the beginning. Put about a teaspoon on and around your belly button. You can add more later if you need, just to help pick up the sound wave for the heartbeat.

3. Take the probe, the end of the fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor, the part of the device that you will apply to the belly to pick up the heartbeat.

4. Turn on the machine and the volume.

5. Place the probe in the ultrasound gel.

6. Let the probe sit around your belling button and move it around until you get a strong signal from baby’s heartbeat. The average fetal heart rate is 120-180 bpm.

7. If you don’t find the heartbeat right away, angle the probe in different ways to help pick up the signal better. Depending of the position of the baby, it can take many tries to get the heartbeat. However, be gentle and angle the probe of the fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor slowly for optimal sound output.

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baby heartbeat monitor

Date: Sunday, 9. January 2011 10:00
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