The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga DVDs

The benefits of yoga during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful event in a women’s life, but also a hard thing on our body. During pregnancy, our body goes through several substantial changes, and we often have a hard time recovering after the birth of our baby.

The main principles of Yoga lies beneath the basis of attaining a healthy body and mind through the practice of Yoga. Better, the use of prenatal yoga dvds is a great way to get ready to the deliver day and will allow your body to recover faster and with more ease to your pre-pregnancy body state after the birth of your little one.
Prenatal yoga dvds and classes are an easy and convenient way to stay in shape, which will benefit both your baby and your own body. You don’t have to be an active yoga practitioner (or yogi), or even have ever tried yoga before doing prenatal yoga.

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First time practitioner
Because it is composed of soft movements, many women were not physically active before their pregnancy find yoga more suitable to their needs. There are several levels and types of yoga. When pregnant, choose specifically prenatal yoga classes or pregnancy yoga dvds. This targeted type of yoga will suit you best as the instructors adapted the movements and poses for you. The best is to start prenatal yoga during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Experienced practitioner

Are you a yoga expert, spending several days doing yoga, hot yoga, pilates? Well you will be glad to learn to you can keep doing your favorite activity throughout your pregnancy. However, because you belly will grow, there will be a need for a few adaptations. Those pose adaptations are necessary to make you more comfortable, but also to ensure baby’s safety. If you are pregnant are taking yoga classes, make sure to let your teacher know that you are pregnant so they can let you know what poses you should not do. Also, bear in mind that you do not need to practice at the same pre-pregnant state intensity level. If you are purchasing prenatal yoga dvds, make sure to choose the ones labeled prenatal.

At home or in class?

The choice is yours! They both have their advantages and disadvantages. At home, you can decide when you want to do it, and prenatal yoga dvds cost only a fraction of what you could pay for course! On the other hand, in class you will get to interact with other pregnant women. This is a good way to exchange tips and to find out how other women are doing through their pregnancy.

After birth

Yoga is a good way to recover after your child’s birth. But don’t rush back into yoga the day after you delivered! Most doctors recommend at least six weeks to recover, and ever longer if you had a cesarean section. Before resuming your yoga session, wait for the OK from the doctor.

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