Pregnancy Doppler, a device you can afford

Are you a soon-to-be mom impatient to go see the doctor in between the visits? Do you wish you could just take that ultrasound machine from the doctor’s office and use in the privacy of your home to listen to your little one at any time? Well, you will not need to replay Ocean’s Eleven, because you can have your own Pregnancy doppler at home. Pregancy dopplers, also called fetal heartbeat monitor or baby heartbeat monitor, are devices you can simply buy at the store or (in our case) from Baby Heartbeat Monitor! They are safe units that amplifies the sound coming from mom’s belly and allow dad, any siblings, your parents, your in-laws, your best friends to share those precious moments with you. Some devices even include a cable that can be plugged in to a recorded, to keep those previous moment’s forever!

To view our pregnancy doppler products and other pregnancy products, why don’t you have a look at the main page of Baby Heartbeat Monitor.

Date: Sunday, 20. September 2009 16:19
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