Baby Heartbeat Monitor : listen to your baby live!

The Myth About Baby Heartbeat Monitor – It’s only for the doctors

So you thought that listening to your baby’s heartbeat was strictly reserved to those few appointments at the doctor’s office? Well think again !

A Few Facts

How much does a baby heartbeat monitor cost?

Many models of baby heartbeat monitors (also known as fetal dopplers) can be found on the market nowadays. They can cost between $50 and up to $200. A baby heartbeat monitor allows over 10 weeks pregnant mom to listen live to the heartbeat of their baby. And the device is also very easy to use.

How to use a baby fetal doppler?

All you need is a battery, to start the device, put a little bit of gel and stick the “microphone” on mom-to-be belly to hear the heartbeat of the baby.

Often, a baby heartbeat monitor comes with earphones and the us of a cable will allow mom and dad to connect it to their computer to record the sounds in a small file that can be sent to all the family and friends or uploaded to a blog or a website.

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What people think about using a baby heartbeat monitor:

Annie: I had a difficult beginning of pregnancy and to hear the heartbeat of our baby only once a month at the doctor’s office did not reassure me as much as I needed. I ordered a baby heartbeat monitor without much conviction it would work, but on the first day (after 2-3 clumsy attempts), I could finally hear his heartbeat! The future dad and myself are so happy to be able to repeat those magic moments anytime we want using the fetal doppler. The baby heartbeat monitor gives us proof that our little man is here, nestled comfortably in my belly! We expect this baby in 4 months and I know now that the rest of our pregnancy will be more peaceful for all of us 3!

Kelly: What a magical device! I was able to clearly hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks of pregnancy. At the beginning I had to look for it a little bit, I always managed to find it. The recording also works very well to a computer.

Melinda: Sooo cool! It wasn’t easy at the beginning to find the heartbeat, but after finding it, it was really comforting, especially that I am naturally very stressed out. This device is very simple to use and allows you to have more patience between each doctor appointment. I just love to her the boom-boom everyday!

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Use a Baby Heartbeat Monitor and listen to your baby live!

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