Learning more about 3D ultrasounds for pregnancy

Over the last couples of years, ultrasounds technology has grown faster than ever. For years, doctors from around the world have used 2 dimensional ultrasounds on pregnant women to ensure the good development of their foetus. Nowadays, pregnant women not only have access to two dimensional ultrasounds, but also to three dimensional or 3D ultrasounds, which allow them to have a more realistic and detailed image of their soon-to-be born baby. Although the use of 3D is still not as commonly used, more and more clinics offer 3D ultrasounds to pregnant women.

There are also some cons however to opting for 3D ultrasounds. First, the cost of 3D ultrasounds are still quite pricey compared to 2D ultrasounds. Then, there is the fact that the images taken can be quite chocking, even disturbing to some parents. Indeed, at 6 months, a foetus can ressemble an aliens instead of a tiny human being, which is something parents are sometimes not aware of. This is why some parents still prefer to opt for 2D imaging instead of 3D imaging. Also, some doctors and researchers are concerned by the amount of time the foetus is exposed to the ultrasounds during a 3D session.

Nonetheless, 3D ultrasounds is, with no doubt, a breakthrough in science, and within a few years, will probably become a standard in the use of pregnancy follow ups.

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Date: Thursday, 2. September 2010 1:00
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