Fetal Heartbeat Monitor, a great gift idea

Some facts about Fetal Heartbeat Monitor (or Baby Heartbeat Monitor)?

fetal heartbeat monitorWhat does this machine do?

A baby heartbeat monitor is a device used to listen to the heartbeat of babies throughout pregnancy. Parents are often impatient in between the visit to the doctor to find out how their baby is doing, and a fetal heartbeat monitor provides parents a great way to check on their little one. Moreover, the fetal heartbeat monitor allow the soon-to-be dad and other siblings to be part of the pregnancy by hearing baby’s heart. And for the mom, what a delight to be able to associate any sound coming from the device to the little one growing inside of her.

How much does a baby heartbeat monitor cost?

A fetal doppler is not only a great device to own, but an affordable one. The price of the ones you can buy at the store averages 25$ to 250$ for the most upscale ones. The costs will depend highly on the model and brand you decide to purchase. To have a look at our heartbeat monitors, make sure to have a look at our products section and enjoy happy pregnancy!

Where can you buy them?

You can find them in store, but best is to buy them online, as you will find a wider variety of products along with reviews. Our Store, here at Baby Heartbeat Monitor have a wide range of baby heartbeat monitors to choose from. So wait no longer and get her a fetal heartbeat monitor now!


Date: Monday, 20. September 2010 16:12
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