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Rent : Baby Doppler

Sunday, 20. September 2009 17:30

Buying or renting? That is the big question of many parents.

Here are the pros and the cons:

Buy baby doppler Rent baby doppler
PROS * Own your own baby doppler
* Can be used for a second/third child* Can be cheaper if you choose a cheaper model* More flexibility in terms of choice
* Possibility of using the best technology at an affordable price* If you are not intending on reusing it for a second child, can be cheaper than buying* If you are at a late stage of your pregnancy, can be cheaper than buying
CONS * If you want the most advanced one, you will have to show the $$ * You don’t get to keep yours* If you are planning on having many children, it will come up to the same price of buying


Now ladies and gentlemen, we hope this will help you make up your mind. Whether you are looking into buying or renting, make sure to find all the information you need here.


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Renting A Baby Fetal Doppler

Sunday, 20. September 2009 17:21

Like owning a baby doppler, but at a rental price! Dreaming of using that piece of equipment your doctor uses when listening to your baby’s heartbeat, but can’t think of owning yours because of the price? You now can, by simply opting for a baby doppler rental rather than buying your own baby heartbeat monitor. The beauty of a baby doppler rental is that you can use the most sophisticated piece of equipement at an affordable price. And if you are not happy with the product? Simply send it back, no strings attached!

Need more information? Consult our Rentals section.

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Thinking of Renting a Fetal Doppler?

Sunday, 20. September 2009 17:06

Thinking of using a fetal doppler. Wonder whether to buy or to rent? Fetal doppler ia a great device to monitor your baby throughout your pregnancy. Whether you want to buy or to rent, fetal doppler will allow you to listen to your baby from the privacy of your own home. While some parents prefer to buy their own fetal doppler, other parents prefer to rent their fetal doppler. Renting allow you to use a more performing fetal doppler (the one your gynecologist uses) at home! By renting a fetal doppler, you will spend a fraction of the cost of a high-end a unit, a machine that you will be using only for a few months..


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