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Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor : our picks

Sunday, 12. December 2010 8:00

Buy a Baby Heartbeat Monitor

A Fetal Doppler will be your favorite baby purchase yet! Most products will generally work into the 12th week of pregnancy. Our Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitors picks are highly recommended products, and will bring costumers a lot of satisfaction and comfort.

Best Picks


heartbeat angelsounds fetal doppler

Angelsounds Fetal DopplerFor less than $40, the angelsounds fetal doppler will do an amazing job! A great and inexpensive investment.

heartbeat FDA APPROVED - Sonotrax

.Ultrasound Fetal Doppler, LCD Display with Back LightDefinitely our parents favorite. Why? Coz this baby heartbeat monitor works! Good price with great results, what else do you need? This excellent fetal doppler will provide some peace of mind for the worried parents. So if you are looking the best quality price value, the Sonoline-B is the number one choice for anxious parents.


.Sonotrax Basic LCD Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor with 4MHz ProbeA great baby heartbeat monitor. Somewhat pricey, but includes tons of other fun features.

Baby Sound B Fetal Heart Doppler

.FDA APPROVED – Baby Sound B Fetal Heart Doppler, with Gel and Batteries!Our readers favorite for only 40.00$ ! Plus it is certified FDA approved. You can export the sound to your computer and share your joy with other people!

BabyKick Kick Trak Handheld Fetal Movement Tracking Device

.BabyKick Kick Trak Handheld Fetal Movement Tracking DeviceKeep track of kick counts. Not a monitor, but this product is also an excellent indicator of a baby’s well-being and will give some peace of mind to parents that are more advanced into their pregnancy. This product truly brings a large degree of comfort that parents say difficult to describe. A highly recommended kick track handheld fetal movement to any parent who have worries about their pregnancy.


Parker Laboratories Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel0.25 Liter BottleBecause you’ll need it. $7.85

Before using your baby heartbeat monitor…

– Most devices work best after the 12th week of pregnancy

– Use a gel (see Parker lab gel)

– Go slowly and gently

– Be patient!

baby heartbeat monitor

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BabyCom Fetal Doppler / Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Sunday, 20. September 2009 17:50

BabyCom Fetal Doppler / Heart Rate Monitor

Currently not available but check out our other baby heartbeat monitors picks here.

If you are looking for an affordable and high quality baby heartbeat monitor, the BabyCom fetal doppler has all what you need! Parents love it : it gives such clarity that some reviewers compared it to the doctor’s fetal doppler! With this BabyCom fetal doppler, you will be able to monitor your baby’s heartbeat right from your very own home. The Babycom is a great product for any mom who woul like to share the joy of pregnancy with the whole family! Get your BabyCome fetal doppler now and monitor you baby’s heartbeat from home, anytime.

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