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5 Things to Eat When Pregnant

Friday, 9. March 2012 17:59

What Should Your Eat When Pregnant

During the development of the foetus during pregnancy, the mom-to-be has to increase her consumption in food and nutrients in order to help the normal development of their little one. The question of many women is what to eat when pregnant. The healthy diet of a pregnant women has to allow enough nutrients for the development of their baby, therefore be at least 2500 to 2700 calories per day. This equals 300-400 calories (American Dietetic Association) more than what a non pregnant women should normally eat.

However, these calories also have to bring some essential nutrients, and not only fat and sugars. A healthy and balanced diet should include lots of vitamins, fibers, calcium, proteins and other important nutrients. Find out what to eat while pregnant in this non-exhaustive list of what pregnant women should consume.

If you are wondering what to eat while pregnant, check out this list of things you should definitely have.

Increase in Calcium

Calcium if mostly found in dairies. This is why dairies are an essential part of what to eat when pregnant. In order to have enough calcium for both her and her baby, the mom-to-be needs to consume the equivalent of at least 1000 milligrams of calcium. This equals approximately to 4 servings or more of dairies everyday. 1 cup of lowfat milk or yogurt are examples of one dairy portion. To reduce the chances of weight gain, choose lowfat or nonfat products. Spinach or other enriched-calcium beverages are also great sources of calcium. They are an excellent alternative for women who do not like dairies or are known to be lactose intolerant.

More Vitamins A, B, D

Dairy products contain more than just calcium. They also provide vitamin A, B, D and are a good source of proteins. Vitamin A helps baby’s growth while the acid folic (vitamin B), will help prevent serious birth defects (Kid’s Health). Liver and carrots also contain lots of vitamin A, the acid folic can be found in large quantities in leafy green veggies, whole-wheat and nuts while vitamin D can be found in large amounts in oily fish and eggs.

What to eat when pregnant – definitely more Proteins

If you are wondering what to eat when pregnant, one thing you should definitely consider are proteins. Proteins are used in the development of muscles, and several tissues. They are necessary for the growth of baby. Non-pregnant women should eat the equivalent of 60 grams of proteins per day, which equals to 10 grams more the number of calories pregnant women need to eat every day, and about 2-3 times a portion of proteins. Remember that each portion of protein is much smaller than the steak you eat at the restaurant. Indeed, one portion equals approximately to 2 or 3oz of cooked lean meat, poultry of fish, or in other words, the size and thickness of a deck of playing cards. You can also substitute meat for dried beans (1 portion=1/2 cup), eggs (1 portion=1 egg), tofu (1/2 cup), nuts (1/3) or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Those substitutes also contains other great nutrients, such as omega fatty acids in nuts or vitamin A in red kidney beans.


Iron is important for the blood : they carry the oxygen you and your baby need. A good source of iron is red meat. When pregnant, women should double their iron consumption form 15mg/day to 30mg/day (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Sometimes, your doctor may even recommended you to take low-dose of iron supplements or multivitamins that contain iron.

What to drink when pregnant – Water
Water water water… Pregnant or not, most people drink too little water. Water is essential to life, and during pregnancy, you should make sure to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drink at least 6 cups of water every day and one more for every hour of physical activity. The reason is that water plays a key role by carrying all the nutrients to the your foetus and by reducing many pregnancy problems, such as constipation. Dehydration can lead to pregnancy problems, including premature or early labor.

If you like juice, take it in moderation. Juices contain water, but also lots of sugar, that can play a role in excessive weight gain during pregnancy. And if you were an avid coffee drinker before your pregnancy, remember that coffee does not count towards your consumption of water as caffeine decreases the amount of fluid in your body.

It is important that you know what to eat when pregnant. A healthy and balanced diet will ensure the good development of your baby and keep you healthy. However, knowing what to eat when pregnant is not all, you also need to exercise and to keep yourself active for an easier pregnancy and labor.
what to eat when pregnant - the healthy food pyramid

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