Monitor Your Baby’s Heartbeat at Home With a Fetal Doppler

Becoming a mom is a wonderful event in the life of all women. The steps between pregnancy and maternity and the birth of a child can however be full of stress and worries. This is why there are a wide range of products to help you go through your pregnancy more easily. One of them is the Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor. A fetal doppler or a baby heartbeat monitor is an ultrasound device used to measure the heartbeat of babies as early as ten weeks old into the pregnancy.

Why use a baby heartbeat monitor

A fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitor will allow the parents and family to connect with the soon-to-be-born baby. It provides a reassurance to the parents that their baby heartbeat is normal, and that the child is healthy and safe throughout the pregnancy.

How does it work

Baby heartbeat monitors use the “doppler effect”. Briefly this refers to the variation of the sound pitch of a sound source depending on if they move towards or away from the listener. For example, the sound of a car or a train driving by is good example.

Not only for doctors

These machines are typically used by doctors not only to monitor babies in pregnant women, but also in a panoply of medical applications. Throughout her pregnancy, the soon-to-be mom will have a few checkup at the doctors office, including monitoring of the baby heartbeat with a fetal doppler. With today’s technology, these machines are available for parents to use at home, for a more regular check up on their little ones. Many brands are available on the market, and we discuss in what you should be looking for when purchasing a baby heartbeat monitor.

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